Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available in the departments. Contact your major department for the advising schedule. All students who are required and those who choose to be advised prior to every registration period are to be advised individually according the follow guidelines
  • All students with fewer than 60 earned hours of credit and all students on academic probation are advised prior to each registration period by which time the student should have on file an official degree plan
  • Students with more than 60 earned hours of credit must be advised on an annual basis and may be advised more frequently if desired;
  • Individual colleges and/ or departments may specify additional requirements of students for mandatory advising.
  • The advising process includes releasing the hold that will allow the student to register
Each student is responsible to ensure that the courses selected will meet degree requirements. Utilize the GENERAL BULLETIN and the online degree audit to confirm which courses will meet degree requirements. Advisors are also available to assist students with course selection. Failure to obtain correct information will not exempt students from having to meet degree requirements.

Courses should be selected with attention to prerequisites and to advancing sequences. Students preregistering for classes for which they lack the prerequisites may be dropped from those classes by the head of the department offering the course in order to release spaces to students who have satisfied the prerequisites. Students who wish to take courses for which the lack the prerequisites will e protected from such removal only if the secure permission of the head of the department offering the course prior to registering.